mercy Sunday by Fr Fitzpatrick

Mercy Sunday

The quality of mercy is not strained, it droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven upon the earth beneath. It is twice blessed, it blesseth hue that guides, and him that takes. (the merchant of Venice) Today is Mercy Sunday or how Sunday. Lots of people are praying the Rosary every day, hoping for an end to the virus and asking for protection. What is happening is unprecedented and the world has slown down. Already people are looking at alternative ways of living. Now is a time to plant a garden if you have one. To be in a garden is to be near to God. Remember He planted the first one it was called Eden. Actions have consequences they say, now that our world has ground to a halt it might be no harm to reacquaint ourselves with nature.

The garden is a good place to start. In the field behind my house I have noticed the Bumble bee is making his way from flower to flower. The butterfly too is around. We create the environment in which we live, let us take care of nature. If we do nature will take care of us. It is our chance to be merciful to the world, we are the stewards of his creation. Just as God is merciful to us. We can be good stewards by been responsible. There is enough madness in the world.

Fr Fitzpatrick