Message from Fr Fitzpatrick PP


 A major achievement in the life of any parish has been achieved with the clearance of our parish debt of almost €1.2 million. The total cost of renovating Derrinturn Church was €1.9 million. There was a saving of €700K in the parish before we started. You may remember when we started the project of renovation we entrusted this work to God and his providence. So thanks is due to God in the first instance.  He is the master of all our undertakings. Secondly, we thank all our generous parishioners for their faithful and unfailing help, each according to their means. Without you it would never have been done. When people throw their shoulder to the wheel it can literally move mountains, as the Gospel tells us. We are now looking at Kilshanroe church and consulting with various people.  Again we would welcome support across the parish, however small or large. We also ask Gods blessing on the work. We currently have €17, 213.02 in our No 3 Account. It is increasing weekly. People are happy to help.  For that we are grateful. We will keep you informed. Many Thanks, Fr John Fitzpatrick PP.