Lent 2018


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Prayer: This Lent could be a great time for families to begin or renew praying together. We can be aware of God and talk to God in prayer together in so many ways. Saying a prayer before your main meal together, blessing yourselves on the way out in the morning, praying a decade of the rosary, reading and thinking about a passage from the bible, going to confession, saying a night time prayer, visiting a church together for a short time of prayer.


Fasting:  Many people see Lent as a time of fasting from something. We might give up sweets or cigarettes or alcohol, or meat on a Friday; we might fast from words that are hurtful to ourselves and others or we might fast from habits that keep us from living well. We can always take it one step further and take up a positive action! The fasting we do can help us create a space in our lives for God, who feeds all our hungers.


A Family Prayer for Lent:

Creator God, be with us as we make our Lenten journey together as a family.

Give us the strength to do what we have promised and

 the love to help one another along the way.

When Easter comes, may our Lenten promises

have brought us closer to you and to your Son, Jesus.