You will need 2 devices, one to hear the track you will be singing along to, and the other to record. 2 phones will do, or an Ipad/laptop/PC and phone. You will also need headphones.

You have to record with your device sideways, in Landscape. If you submit a video in portrait, we cannot use it.

Use your headphones to plug in to the device on which you are listening to the recording. This is so your completed recording features only you singing, otherwise there will be interfering sound from the original recording.


Practice a few times before you record.
2. At the end of your performance don’t press stop on the recording for 10 seconds, just sit still and capture that too, we need this as part of the edit.


Use natural lighting indoors when filming i.e. let the light from the window flood your face.

Use bedside lamps etc. to help light the face if natural light is not possible

Leave 10 secs of silence at start and end of your video clip i.e. don’t press record and start singing 
straight-away, and hold your final pose for 10 secs before stopping the video.

Film at eye level if you can i.e. do not film from a height looking down or from the ground looking up!


Don’t film outside, the mic will pick up wind and ruin your video.

Don’t use digital zoom, ie. don’t zoom in and out. Keep it fixed

Don’t flip camera upside down when filming.

Don’t use filters on the video – leave it natural.

Don’t forget to smile and enjoy yourself!!

Please state at the beginning of your recording if you are submitting as a Choir Singer or Solo Singer.


Please record your VIDEO and your AUDIO at the same time. This will ensure there’ll be no issues with lip syncing soloists

Record in a room with no echo. Not your bathroom!

If you have recording gear, record your audio as a separate file, but at the same time as you shoot the video. If you don’t have recording gear, just submit a single video file and we’ll use the sound from it.

June 19th: Please email to [email protected] the name of Singer/s /Choir/Parish or Place of Residence. This will enable us to know how many are participating and to divide the singers into regions.

JUNE 26th:  All files to be uploaded NOT BEFORE OR AFTER

Any videos sent after that date will NOT be used.

To upload your file go to

Please include:

Name of Singer or Name of Choir


Place of Residence or Parish you are Representing

Click on the upload file. K&L – The Clouds Veil


The Scheduled Date for Published Video is July 12th 2020.


The 3 Dates for your attention:

19th June:  Name of Participant(s) – Email to [email protected]

26th June:  All files to be uploaded to marking them Kildare & Leighlin – The Clouds Veil

12th July:    Scheduled date for published video