Christmas Message 2016 from Fr John Fitzpatrick P.P.



Christmas Message 2016

And so it’s Christmas and what have we done? Have you been around the shops? Have you spent money for decorations for the house and presents for your family and friends? In Heaven Mary had a dream and she told Joseph about it. She saw a house all beautifully decorated with lights on the tree and in the windows. There were presents in the hallway and food on the table. The house is all done up she said but I don’t think they even know it’s my son’s Birthday.

Some say Christmas is for the kids. Don’t forget there is a child in everyone’s heart. A lot of trouble in today’s world comes about because that child is neglected. We all need to know we are loved. Christmas is Gods way of telling us that we are loved. Gods greatest present to the world and us is his son Jesus born in a stable, with the breath of an ox and a donkey for central heating.

In the end He is saying to us, nothing else matters much in today’s mixed up world – except my love for you. Only God could be humble enough to do that. Happy Christmas everyone. May the love of the child Jesus touch all our hearts.

Fr John Fitzpatrick P.P.