Easter Message from Fr Fitzpatrick

Easter Message

Easter is upon us again and we are in lockdown. Jesus spent time in lockdown also, from holy Thursday evening to Easter Sunday morning. He was arrested, imprisoned, crucified and entombed. Then through the spirit of God living in him he rose again. His rising was glorious. We who are in lockdown from the coronavirus will rise from it again too with Gods help and the kindness of those around us. For the past two weeks Fr Murphy and I cannot make it to Kilshanroe Church for the web cam mass. However, we are delighted to have willing volunteers to say the Rosary at 6.40pm on the webcam every evening. It was 6.40pm when Our Lady appeared in Medjugorje, our prayers is because of Our Lady’s appearing.

These days are new to all of us, days of restricted movement. The world as we know it (or knew it) has ground to a halt, A priest I know very well said to me our planet is sick and now it needs to recover from a thing called Hyperactivity. Did you ever notice the way everybody was in a rush in spite of having all the mod cons. We are so busy, now we have time to rest and draw a breath. This is painful at first because we are used to rushing, we are thinking what do I have to do next? now there is nothing to do and we are flummoxed. We do really need to learn to do nothing and be good at it. I am not advocating idleness that’s the Devils playground, I am talking about a restful mind and a peaceful heart as we go about our work however humble be it, school work, house work, gardening or internet. Winnie the poo says I can do nothing and do it well. The first words of the risen Jesus were peace be with you, God can speak to us, he wants to and we need him at this moment and always. He is not dead He is risen. Happy Easter Everyone

Fr John Fitzpatrick