Lenten Message from Fr Fitzpatrick PP


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Lent 2018


Ash Wednesday and St Valentines day both fall on the 14th of February this year. There are two days of fast and abstinence in Lent – Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Many people nowadays go on a diet for their physical health – like for example ‘operation transformation’. Lent is for the health of our souls. We deny ourselves something and we say an extra prayer. It is a little sacrifice to make the world and ourselves a better place.

Poor families in Africa and South America benefit from our efforts so we fill the Trocaire box with our spare change. Every cent counts because a sachet of salt can be bought for a few pennies and it can save a child’s life in the third world. Diarrhoea can be a cause of death when you are malnourished. So there can be two winners, ourselves and children in Africa. All round it’s a good deal. A better us and a better world. God will smile.

Fr Fitzpatrick P.P.