The Iona Institute; Invitation to a talk entitled Sweden; life in ‘the secular paradise’.


The talk takes place on Thursday the 18th of May at 8pm in the Davenport Hotel, Dublin 2 and admission is free.  It is fair to say that Sweden receives favourable coverage in the Irish media, as it does in the Western Media generally. It is renowned for its generous and egalitarian social policy. The influence of religion upon Swedish society is very small these days, including that of the formerly dominant Lutheran Church. All in all Sweden is seen and presented as a sort of  ‘secular paradise’ , which Ireland would do well to emulate. Our guest speakers are Husband and wife, Mattias and Ruth Nordstrom. Mattias is a Lutheran theologian and pastor at Word of Life Church for Young Adults in Uppsala in Sweden. Ruth is  Senior Legal Council at an organisation called Scandinavian  Human Rights Lawyers. Ruth is legally representing two Swedish Midwives who have been refused employment in Swedish hospitals because they will not help to perform abortions.


Ruth and Mattias will speak about life in Sweden. They will discuss its pros and cons. They will talk about what it is like in a country that has become so secular and in which religion has been pushed to the margins of life. They will look at issues like abortion and conscience in Sweden, the state of marriage and family life, and how Christians in Sweden are responding to the challenges they face.


The Swedish example is very relevant to Ireland because it is so often held up as the model country. We hope you be able to attend what promises to be an enlightening and informative talk. If you would like to attend this meeting, please email [email protected] or phone 01 6619204