Weekly message from Fr Fitzpatrick

Where is God?

People worry, they worry about all kinds of things at this time. They ask where is God?, the answer is  he is very active. In the Bible God says My ways are not your ways.When John Paul the second was a Bishop in Poland, the Archbishop died and a new one was needed. There were 8 Bishops in line for the job, Karol Woytyla was 8 on that list. The format was that Rome would send a name to the Communists party and they would except or reject that Bishop.After a few names were rejected by the Communist someone asked the communist puppet in Poland who he wanted for Archbishop. I am waiting for Woytyla he said, he is a philosopher, he likes hiking and skying in the mountains. He wont cause as much trouble,and so it happened, seven names were rejected and Karol Wojtyla was accepted by the communist party and and Rome. So hear this the Communist Party put in place, the man who was to bring down the iron curtain and effectively end the power of communism. So you can see God has his ways and means.

And what about Our Taoiseach Leo Varradher,whose Government legislated for Abortion in Ireland only recently, has this year introduced the new modality keep 2 meters apart. Admittedly it is for health and safety reasons but it also will have effects throughout society. Already the crime rate has dropped and there are other things too,that i need not list, but have made our world a better place and us more respectful of each other. and  more mindful of God our creator who goes on working in many different ways. Many of which are unknown to us. Our job is to keep on praying he will do the work after he is God.

Fr Fitzpatrick.